Leather is associated with bikers*you know guys who ride bikes like harley davidsons or that local nduthi guy who bails you out when you are late for that meeting or that date you have been waiting for* yes those guys are bikers ;-).

Leather has a sense of respect,edginess,attitude and fun side to life. For my look I went for a lamb skin leather jacket with faux fur lining and a print t-shirt *P.S She and I are still together, pair of black leather worker boots and charcoal grey denim jeans.


I went for the lamb skin leather jacket as it has the ability to stretch and fit the body perfectly fine. The leather has the capacity to keep you warm during winter, cold and windy days and nights.

Leather jackets are perfectly paired with denim jeans, white or black t-shirts depending on the persons’s preference. To kill the look pair it with leather boots that are sleek and simple.


The leather jacket creates an illusion of perfectly fitted jeans and not skinny jeans.






James Dean once said, “Every guy needs a decent leather jacket”.

Music vibe for this look:





IMG_5319 copyWe all know that Kambas* Ethnic community in Kenya* are quite the colorful lot thus my inspiration for my look today 🙂 :-). S/O to all my Kamba people keep showing off your colours ;-).

This kind of look deliberately features a pair of mismatched trousers and jacket/blazer. The look shouldn’t have the exact texture of fabric, shade of colour or fabric but you can have different shades of colour which don’t necessarily match.



I paired my light grey checked blazer with a pair of charcoal grey trousers. Charcoal grey is a neutral colour which blends very well with either light or dark colour palette. I wore a two toned coloured shirt against the blazer which complimented it, the red tie signifies power and blends well with grey.







  • This look is perfect for fashion events,meetings, evening parties that don’t have a particular dress code and red carpet events.
  • If you want a powerful look grey and red are definitely the right colours.
  • This kind of look is known as broken suit.

This look works for me on days like Tuesdays and Wednesday setting the mood right for a great weekend.

Music vibe for this look:






Do you remember attending weddings when you were a child and you just happen in the bridegroom party in your new suit and new shoes which mind you had to be in great condition after the wedding because they were going to be your “new” shoes for the next school term ;-). Yeah that’s my story and am sure all of you reading this experienced it.

Well that’s my story. I have infinite love when it comes to suits and looking good, i believe a man is a good as his looks. Enough of that lets get down to business;






My look was inspired by checks and colours. I am wearing a grey and mustard checked suit with a cream shirt, brown tie, brown socks which match the tie and shoes to top the look up i added a touch of green i.e with a pocket square and a black lapel pin.

The look can be worn to the office, a board meeting * And no you will not look out of place* or even an event.

Tip: When wearing checked suits always go for either neutral or colored shirts depending on the checks of the suit as they accentuate the suit.

Music Vibes for this look;